Question about plans and trial activations


With each plan having a quota for trial activations, how are these numbers tracked?
Is it the total number of trial activations that have ever happened?
Or perhaps, the number of trial activations in a one year period?

I’m on the Startup plan. The number of users and licenses is correlated to our revenue, so it makes sense that this is related to the amount we pay for the cryptlex plan. Also, the number of licenses can go down, so it will balance itself against the cryptlex plan we need.

However for trial activations, this number will keep increasing over time.
So eventually, regardless of how many licenses we sell, we will have to move to the Enterprise plan because its the only one with unlimited trial activations?


Hi Francis,

The trial activation count is total.

We need to store the trial activation data on our servers, to ensure that trial cannot be reset. But this doesn’t prevent you deleting the existing trial activations (old ones) to free up trial activations. As it is unlikely that old trial user will try to restart the trial.