"Product Version" in new Cryptlex UI


I need the ability to manage licenses by version of a particular product - i.e., a customer has a license to version 1.0.0 of a product but not 1.1.0. Looking at the docs, it seems like this is possible by adding “Versions” to “Products” in Cryptlex, and based on a few other threads (here and here, for example), it seems like this should be straight-forward.

Going through the Cryptlex web UI, though, I can’t seem to find a place to manage this. Indeed, my “Product” doesn’t even have a “Version” field.

Has something changed? Is this no longer possible? Or am I just missing something?

GetLicenseMetadata returns status 1 (LA_FAIL)

Hi Bill,

Versions was a v2 feature which was dropped in v3.

You can simply add a metadata (custom field) say allowed_version with value 1.0.0 to the license. Then check for the value of this metadata key in your app using GetLicenseMetadata() and accordingly allow or disallow your user from using the app.

Ideally add ‘allowed_version’ as required metadata key in the license policy so that it automatically appears in license creation dialog.


Ah, okay. Thanks, Adnan!