Product Key search by custom field value

Do you have any plans to add functionality to search for keys based on value in the custom fields (might not necessarily by specific field, but at least across all custom fields), so we could find all keys where custom field contains a given search term?


We will be releasing Cryptlex v3.x next month. It’s a complete rewrite with lot many new features. Search will be supported for custom fields (metadata in v3), but can’t guarantee that for v2

Oh jeez, I’ve just finished integrating wix store with your server and your licence system /facepalm

Do you have anything to read up on the v3? Sounds exciting!

I think we will be happy to switch to v3 if it provides us with the options we are looking for, even if it means spending a bit more time on re-coding the order automation.

We are working on the docs, will be available soon. You can try out the new dashboard:

Do I need to register for the new dashboard or can just log in instead? If I can log in, what’s the company id?
Currently I log in with a username (not email) and password.

You need to register for the new dashboard. It’s a completely new Web API.