Product Distribution

Do you have any plans to enhance the implementation of Release Updates in LexActivator? If I understand the current implementation, I can query the server for the existence of a release update, but all I get back is a “yes/no” type response. It would be very helpful if I could find more information about the available release. Specifically, it would be nice to be able to let the user know what features/enhancements/bug fixes are available in the release. I am thinking of being able to query for the files available in the download, and being able to download one or more of them using LexActivator. I would make one of the files in all of my releases a “ReleaseNotes.json” (or something like that) that would have the details about the download that I could display to the operator. They could then decide whether to install or skip the update.

I can handle this through the web API, and that might be the better way to go, but I don’t want to do this work only to find out sometime later that you’ve added the capability to LexActivator. Please advise if anything like this is in your roadmap.


Yes, we are planning to give access to the whole json payload (the one you get in case of using REST API). As far as release notes are concerned, each release has a property called notes which is meant fr storing release notes, so I guess you don’t need any json file.

Do you have a rough timeframe for when full access to the json payload will be available?

You can expect this in a month.