Problem when we remove activation from portal

When I remove activation from my portal, when I relaunch my application, my license is still activated.
I would like to know if it’s possible to force LexActivator to synchronize with the server at the beginning without call activateLicense ?

Hello there @quadrica,

To check for license status at the start of your application, use the IsLicenseGenuine() function. Please refer to the documentation for using LexActivator and follow the guide for your programming language.

Set the Server Sync Interval on your License to make the check more strict and frequent.
Furthermore, do check the particular license for the Allowed Activations to make sure that value conforms to your needs.

P.S. The first server sync always occurs within 3 secs on every start of the program, so if you registered the callback you will get notified with 3 secs.

Thanks for your answers, we will have to adapt our process to wait the first callback.
Note: Even if your documentation is already good, adding a real subsection to the callback mechanism and the synchronization with your servers in your documentation would be a good idea to improve your documentation.

Hello @quadrica!

We’ll keep your suggestions in mind and work on a way to make the documentation better. Thank you for your feedback.