Problem whe linking libCurl and LexActivator on linux


We are adding sftp support to our application, and wanted to use libCurl with amongst others FTP support enabled for this. However, on Linux it seems libcurl is part of the LexActivator lib (static version), but without FTP support enabled. It is also not possible to link Curl twice, we get these kind of warnings:

/usr/bin/ld: vcpkg_installed/x64-linux/lib/libcurl.a(hostip.c.o): in function Curl_num_addresses': hostip.c:(.text+0x290): multiple definition of Curl_num_addresses’; vcpkg_installed/x64-linux/lib/libLexActivator.a(libcurl_la-hostip.o):hostip.c:(.text+0x290): first defined here
/usr/bin/ld: vcpkg_installed/x64-linux/lib/libcurl.a(hostip.c.o): in function `Curl_printable_address’:

Is it possible to obtain LexActivator libraries without libcurl already linked in? Or do you know of another solution for this issue?

Kind regards,
Stephane van Hardeveld

Hi Stephane,

Yes, we embed libcurl in LexActivator and we embed a very minimal build of libcurl which only supports HTTP & HTTPS. For TLS support in libcurl we embed mbedTLS library in LexActivator.

Providing a version without libcurl is possible, but this will create problems with regard to updating the LexActivator in your app, as you will have to request it every time. The best approach seems using the libcurl in the LexActivator.

Can you specify the protocols yo need to support (to be specific libcurl build flags), so we can add this to our libcurl. Also, please specify the archs, and Os’es.

Ha Adnan, thank you for confirming my suspicions ;-). Before I trouble you again with requests for extended curl support in LexActivator, let me check if we can circumvent the whole issue by creating a seperate tool ourself, outside of the whole licensing of our product. That way, I can use my own compiled Curl library, with support for all protocols and encryption I may need.