Per-product email templates

I use cryptlex to manage licenses for two separate products. In my current order flow, I send these emails using mailgun, and have a separate email template for each one. I’m interested in the new email template feature of cryptlex, maybe this could replace some of my custom webhook that runs on my own server.

With the email template feature in cryptlex, is it possible to use a different email template for each product?

Hi Francis,

Currently it supports one email template per event. We can add your feature too, but can data placeholders suffice in your case, as you can use it to have different content in a single email template depending on the product.

Having separate templates would be easier. Those two products are branded under different companies, so the email templates really would be completely different.

Also, we might want to only enable the emails for one product, and not the other.

Hi Francis,

Makes sense, we will add per-product email templates feature in a day or two.

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The feature is available now. We have made it mandatory to link the email template with the product for emails to be sent for that product.

I am not seeing this feature on our dashboard. I don’t see any way to tie a template to a specific product.

Hello there @msisco!

To link an Email Template to your Product follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Products page on the Dashboard.
  2. Select the Product you wish to link Email Templates to.
  3. On the Product Details page, find the three-dot icon on the extreme right to access the actions menu and click on Edit.
  4. The Product editing dialog will open up. This dialog will have an Email Templates field at the bottom which will allow you to link multiple templates to the Product.
  5. Click Update when you’re done making the necessary changes.

The email templates I’ve created so far seem to apply to all of my products. Does attaching a template to a specific product “detach” it from other products?

Hello @msisco!

The Email Templates and Products are separate entities so you can re-use a template across Products. Using a template with one Product does not detach it from the other.

I’m still confused by this. Say I create a license.Created email template, and I tie it to Product A. If it still gets sent when I create a license for Product B, what has tying the template to Product A really done?

Hello @msisco!
As established in your example, you have a ‘license.created’ event-based template. After linking the template to Product A, it should send emails for licenses created in Product A only.

If and when you decide to link the template to Product B, the email templates will start applying to Product B too.

Are you experiencing any behavior that is not conforming to the above description?

Furthermore, if you want me to help you devise a solution for your use case please mention it in your reply.

I think you’ve answered my question. What I was trying to say is if I have an email template that is not linked to any specific product, then it is effectively “linked” to all products. If I then link that template to Product A, it is linked to Product A only, essentially “unlinking” it from all the other products. I understand that if I have a template I would like to link to Product A and Product B, but not Product C, I can do that explicitly.

We are just starting to experiment with email templates, so I don’t have a specific scenario I am trying to solve. I’m just trying to understand how they work.

Thanks for the clarification.

Hey @msisco!
Email templates can be activated only after they are linked to a product. If you have an email template that is not linked to a specific product, it is not linked to any product and henceforth, not in use at all.