OSError Thrown by Cryptlex Library


I am using the Python wrapper for LexActivator to activate a trial. One of our users encountered this exception thrown:

  File "cryptlex\lexactivator\lexactivator.py", line 1001, in ActivateTrial
OSError: exception: access violation reading 0x0000000000000000

I have tried on many other PC’s without issue so I’m not sure what could be the cause? Any help would be appreciated, thanks,

Hi Mark,

Can you please confirm the version of LexActivator you are using?


Hi Ahmad, Thanks for your quick reply.

The version of LexActivator is 3.16.1.

The OS being activated on is W10 64bits, version 21H1, Build 19043.1348

Thank you.

You are welcome!

Please upgrade the version of LexActivator to the latest one (3.17.2) as this bug was fixed in the latest release.

You can check the changelog here.

Thank you Ahmad. From the change log, I assume this has to do with “PAC file related issue on Windows.”

Could you help with what this PAC file is, and why on some PC’s the trial could be activated without an issue? I just want to understand what the difference was with this user’s PC that would have caused this issue versus other’s PC’s with no issue.

Yes, the issue was related to the PAC file on Windows. This user might be using a PAC file for proxy settings while others might not.

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