Onpremfloatserver macOS


I’ve followed onpremfloatserver instructions for activating installing and starting for Mac. However, I’m not getting the server to run as there is no pid attached to the process when I do sudo launchctl list | grep com.lexfloatserver.xxxx

it does seem like it has been installed properly as activation and installation steps were both completed successfully. Any ideas?


We will look into it. Meanwhile you can use

LexActivator -s

command to start the server in command line for testing the client.

yes, -s does work.

For a start the daemon file created from installation looks incorrect. product file is specified by -licfile

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Label com.lexfloatserver.1bfe929e-98df-4e38-8f81-687d56ec3ebf ProgramArguments /Users/junon/Documents/git/lexactivator-python/examples/LexFloatServer-Mac/universal/LexFloatServer -s -silent -config=/Users/junon/Documents/git/lexactivator-python/examples/LexFloat.config -licfile=/Users/junon/Documents/git/lexactivator-python/examples/product.dat RunAtLoad

Thanks for pointing out. -licfile was the argument in v2 which seems to have not been updated in Mac (actually none of our customers uses mac for the server).

Will fix it in the next release.

The issue has been fixed in the latest release v3.0.1