Offline activation without internet connection

Hi Cryptlex Team,
I’m using your offline activation License function ActivateLicenseOffline(filePath);
So I’m trying to activate through a File.
The file created from another computer, generate key, get the generated key put it on cryptlex online which created a file, I downloaded that file.
And then I put that file to another computer, turn off my internet connection, and tried to activate it but what I got is error “Code: 54, message: Invalid license key”
So I wanna ask how can I activate offline with cryptlex, I think I might work the wrong one.
Thank you.


If you are trying to offline activate Machine A, then ensure that before generating the offline activation request on Machine A, you set the key. Once the request is generated, you need to upload the request in the dashboard for the same key and generate the offline response file. This file can be used on Machine A to activate the license.