Offline activation through customer portal

I just realized that offline activation via customer portal leases the license for just 3 days. However, if the same is done via the dashboard we could set the lease duration.

Is it possible for the customer to activate it for a longer period, may be something we can control via customer settings in the dashboard? Otherwise every time a customer wants to activate a license offline for a longer period, it would require our intervention.

To add to this question, how does meter attributes work with offline activation?


The response validity in the offline activation dialog determines for how long the offline response file is valid. It has nothing to with lease duration.

Hosted-floating licenses are meant for use-cases where you have an active internet connection. For offline floating licenses use the LexFloatServer.


Thanks for the reply.

We might need to be support hosted floating licenses but in some cases support offline licenses without the need for the client to setup LexFloatServer.

Sorry I was not very clear in the question. What I meant was that activating the license offline via customer portal sets the license duration to 3 days by default. Can the customer set it to a longer duration?

Also, I was playing with offline license activation. Activating the license offline did work ok, it also incremented license activation count on the dashboard. However when I logged onto my machine(without internet access) 3-4 hours later, my application stopped working with offline license. ActivateLicenseOffline and IsLicenseGenuine both returned LA_FAIL status code. Also, license activation count on the dashboard went back to zero.

Any ideas what could be problem?


Customer portal sets validity of the file (not the license) to 3 days by default. It should be set to as low as possible as it. can be misused.

You are using hosted-floating licenses which auto-deactivate. Please use a node-locked license.