(NodeJS) LexActivator - How often does 'SetLicenseCallback' gets invoked?

Hi guys,

this is a question for the NodeJS LexActivator library.

From what I read from the LexActivator’s github source, found here, is that I can supply a callback function to the library so that cryptlex can inform my application that a licence has expired.

My question is how often does my callback function gets invoked by LexActivator?

Base on the comment is; whenever it is sync’ed. Does that require an outbound internet connection to perform the sync?

Does the sync occur for node-lock offline licence? If it does, then how often?

LexActivator.SetLicenseCallback((status) => {

Hi Samuel,

In order to know if license is expired, you don’t need server sync or internet. IsLicenseGenuine() will return LA_EXPIRED code if license is expired. Usually you call this function at the start of your app. Unless your app doesn’t remain open for days this should suffice.

In case you customer has an internet connection server syncs will occur at the interval set in the license (Server Sync Interval). The first sync on calling isLicenseGenuine() happens immediately in the background.