Node locked licenses with multiple allowed activations don't work as intended



we are using node locked licenses with multiple allowed activations. This apparently doesn’t work the way I expected.

I created the following license:

No limits regarding country, …
So, what I would expect is that I can activate the license 5 times on different machines. The first two activations work, but the third fails with LA_E_MACHINE_FINGERPRINT.

Why is this happening? Is this intended behavior? How can I create licenses that CAN be activated on a defined number of machines.



The error code isn’t necessarily the same, I’ve seen LA_GRACE_PERIOD_OVER as well.


Hi Thomas,

The LA_E_MACHINE_FINGERPRINT cannot occur during activation, it can only occur on calling IsLicenseGenuine() function only.

Just check the number of activations by going to the activations page of the license.


ActivateLicense() will work on 5 unique machines in your case for the same license key.


Yes, that’s right - I forgot to delete the license information after modifying the maching, this is why LA_E_ACTIVATION_LIMIT was raised. However, it doesn’t fix the issue. If I try to activate a third machine in this case I get LA_E_ACTIVATION_LIMIT from the activate call.


Please go to the activations page, and share the screenshot of activated machines. Also, check the value of allowedActivations property on the license page.


Here is the license:


And here the activations:


Can you share the license key? Please confirm that you are using the correct license key on the third machine.


The license key is AA9EDC-8DD538-41AD89-F113DD-4E882F-0A65EF. I checked again, this is the key I try to activate on the third machine.


You are on the FREE plan, and you have reached your activation limit.


Ok, so there is an activation limit per license in the free plan?


No, but you have reached your total activations limit for the account. Had you been on a paid plan, your plan would have auto upgraded to next higher plan.


Ok, thank you for your help!