Node locked license ActivateLicense() in different machine, license hostname will be replace

I just try node-locked license with activation limit 1 machine.
I run the same license setting code including ActivateLicense() in A machine, the dashboard shows my license is activated with hostname [bf1c9ff46612].
And then I run same setting with ActivateLicense() in B machine, the dashboard shows my license hostname was replace by [e5b303e161c1].

In my image, the ActivateLicense() will report error in B machine cause the license is node-locked version and it has been activated. The hostname should not be replace in B machine.

I am new in cryptlex. Any suggestion will be appreciated.


It seems you are trying to use node-locked license inside a Docker container. Containers give very limited access to host hardware details, hence it is not possible to generate a qualitative fingerprint. Same fingerprint can be returned by two containers running on two different machines too. Hence you see this behaviour.

Please refer to the following on licensing of Dockerized apps: