New activation required while already activated

We have provided to a customer a license node-locked with x seats. He installed and activated our product successfully on x devices. For one device (Windows laptop), he didn’t use the product for a while (likely 2 months). But today he tried to use our product and had to activate the license again. But without success: error code 58, activation limit. As an immediate workaround, we increased the number of seats and it worked.
Now we see in the dashboard 2 activations for the same device. The only difference we see is that it’s not used from the same country. Do you understand why a new seat was required? How can we prevent this?


This is only possible if the fingerprint of the machine has changed. Can you please confirm if the end-user has not changed any hardware of the machine?

Which version of LexActivator is being used? Also has the end-user upgraded to windows11?


Hi Ahmad,
We are using LexActivator v3.17.2. The OS version reported by the dashboard for the new activation is still Windows 10.0. Is this information reliable?
I don’t know for sure whether the customer has changed any hardware of the machine. I will try to follow up on this.
By the way, the fingerprint strategy for this license is fuzzy. Shouldn’t this strategy be flexible for one HW change?

Thanks for the information!

The fuzzy strategy uses fuzzy matching by comparing different hardware fingerprints and each hardware has a specific weight, if the comparison score is greater than a minimum threshold value, the machine is accepted.