Multiple products and licenses for on-premise licensing


We are currently searching for a new licensing system, your solution looks very promising, but the LexFloatServer has a few drawbacks. Most of our customers have closed environments with no access to the internet. So we need for a full featured easy to use license server for local networks, which can handle multiple products and multiple licenses. Would it be possible to develop the LexFloat system into some kind of mini LexActivator system? Though this does not mean they should work independent of each other. The activation with the request and response system and the management through the customer portal is awesome and fully sufficient.

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Hi Marc,

Can you specify the exact requirement?

You can activate the LexFloatServer instance offline too. To use multiple products you will need to run multiple instances of the LexFloatServer.

Requirement seems a bit harsh, as it is more like a wish list. :slight_smile:

Running multiple server for each product would be possible, but this solution is inconvenient for our customers. They have to keep track of each license server and have to remember which one is used for which product. Furthermore they can only use one license for each product.

Our ideal solution would be a single LexFloatServer, that can handle multiple Product.dat files in a specified directory. The running server can generate the activation request using the API. The response of the online activation is a file, that is placed in a license directory. The LexFloatServer refreshes the list of available licenses, either using a file system watch or with a command over the API. Clients connect like using the activator API with the product id, product data and license id to specify which one they want to use.

We already have a similar customer feature request pending, to allow multiple products per single LexFloatServer. Their is some development effort required, but it is on the list.

Do you have a roadmap or a hint, when this feature will be available?

Please check the private message.