Multiple product installations on a machine

One machine with 2 or more installations of the same product/software.
Each of the products must have its own node-locked license.

Is it possible to have this configuration?


Hi Andrea,

If the product is same, why do you need two licenses on the same machine. One license should suffice.

The software is a web service and its license policy has many feature-flags.
On the same machine there are N installations of N different customers. Each of the customers has a license with a custom feature flags configuration.

Windows machine with:

  • Customer 1: software installation licensed with License A with FeatureFlag1=1, FeatureFlag2 = 1
  • Customer 2: software installation licensed with License B with FeatureFlag1=0, FeatureFlag2 = 0


We allow one license per product per machine. So, keeping the product same, you won’t be able to activate multiple licenses on the same machine.

In fact you don’t even need to activate the license, you just want to know what features customer 1 can access.

So, if the web service is deployed on your servers, you can directly get this info using REST API, no need to activate the license