Multiple license editions for one application



We are developing an application using Cryptlex V3.
In our app, the user can select the edition (ex. Professional, Standard) on the app.
We need that the activation to succeed when the user enter a license key for the selected edition.
(If the user enter a license key for different edition, then the activation fails.)

There are two questions.

Question 1.
When we saw the forum question (How to handle upgrading of products),
the following (1) and (2) were recommended as methods for preparing multiple license editions for one application.
(1) Create Cryptlex products for each edition, and embed multiple Product.dat files in one application.
(2) Create only one Cryptlex product, and edition is recorded in the license metadata.
Although this forum question is about Cryptlex V2, would be the same approach recommended in Cryptlex V3?

Question 2.
We need to handle multiple editions using only one Cryptlex product.
This purpose can be achieved by using Web API (,
but we think that LexActivator does not provide the method for this purpose.
What is the best way provided by Cryptlex for this purpose?

Best regards.


Hi Kita,

Answer 1:

LexActivator gives access to the metadata fields and in your case, we recommend creating three products. Since metadata check can only be done after license activation.

Answer 2:
You don’t need to invoke any Web API directly from your app, as that would require embedding the access token in your app which will create a security issue.

If you want to handle it using a single product, then you activate the license and deactivate the license immediately after activation if license metadata doesn’t match the edition.