Multiple floating network licenses of same Cryptlex product on single server?

We offer our customers an option to set up their own license server with a floating network license, to be utilized by end-users on the company network. Sometimes a customer owns more than one license of our product, with different ranges of functionality. Different end users on the network may be running our product with different licenses. Is it possible to have two floating network licenses of the same Cryptlex product on a single server? How would this be set it up? (The “Hosted Floating License Server” option is not available to us; that option assumes end-users have an Internet connection, and that’s not necessarily the case for some our customers with secure/restricted environments)

In this case, you need to setup multiple LexFloatservers (one per product/license). Supporting multiple products in a single LexFloatServer is on the roadmap (and maybe multiple licenses too).

A simple solution in your case would be to use a single license and you can club all the features from two different licenses in a single license (with some enabled and others disabled). You can use product versions or license metadata to set features in the license.

Thank you for your reply.

I don’t think the simple solution will work for every case. Let’s say a product has possible features A, B, and C which may or may not be included in licenses. A company has paid for a license that includes A and B for 5 concurrent users, and also for another license that includes B and C for 2 concurrent users. There is no way to represent this situation with a single license.

As for multiple LexFloatServers, don’t we need to activate two licenses for the same product first? (Let’s say a license that includes features A and B, and another one that includes features A and C). Will we be able to have two distinct activated licenses for the same product on a single computer (represented by a single product.dat file)?

In your case, there seems to be an overlap of features with different values being present for the same feature. The only solution for now will be to install LexFloatServer on separate machines with different licenses.

Are there any plans to add this? Cryptlex allows the creation of different licenses of the same product, we’re talking about using two such network licenses. It’d certainly be much more convenient for network admins to be able to deploy them from a single server…

There are plans to support this but that will take time (6-10 months I guess). We first have a rewrite of LexActivator in Rust on the to-do list which will support this scenario. Once LexActiavtor supports it, it will be trivial to add support for the same in LexFloatServer.