Multiple float instances on a single PC

I have a customer saying that their students run multiple instances of our software on their computers so they can copy data between projects, but that each instance consumes a seat of their floating license. I know with node-locked licenses this isn’t the case, so I assumed that floats would work similarly.

Is this intended behavior, something that can be changed with a license setting, or has it just not come up before? Our preference would be for it to count multiple instances on the same PC as a single seat.


What is the leasing strategy set for the license?

I haven’t verified this specific user key (will have to request it from him and verify) but our template for it, and a spot check of a number of other floats all show ‘Per-Machine’ as the leasing strategy.

Ok, I have now verified his specific key is also set to per-machine.


Please share the license key on