MinGW builds for Windows

We would like to build some of our licensed codes with MinGW on Windows because it optimizes them better than Visual C++. Is it possible for Cryptlex to provide MinGW compiles of the static Windows libraries?

Hi Gary,

It would require a lot of changes, so this won’t be possible.

This may be a problem for us. I will have to take this away to the development teams.

Hi, we also have a need for MinGW (8.1.0 64-bit) support. We have an existing Linux and macOS Qt application and using Visual Studio C++ is proving problematic.

I see from your previous response that MinGW support is unlikely, at least in the near future. Is it possible to use the LexActivator library through a stand-alone program? Then our program will have to make s system call to invoke that program.


You can use LexActivator with MinGW provided you link dynamically with LexActivator. Static linking won’t be possible with MinGW. We ourselves use LexActivator with MinGW for a golang (cgo) project and it works perfectly.

LDFLAGS: -L./libs -lLexActivator

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