Meter attribute for offline activation (node-lock)


from what I have read so far from both the docs and some posts found here is that the meter attribute is fully dependent on an active internet connection due to it having to update the attribute in real time. E.g. 1 meter attribute with limit of 1000 getting shared by 2 licenses.

Is it still possible to implement meter attribute for offline activation that has a node-lock policy? My use case is rather simple, only 1 activation is allowed. That is, my customer will have a node-lock license with meter attribute limit of 1000, all offline. When usage is exceeded, the product wil stop working.

Hi Samuel,

How would you store the current count? If you want the store the count locally, then you can simply use license metadata to store the allowed value and compare it with the current value.

You can also store the current value in the activation metadata locally.

Thanks @adnan-kamili .

That is what exactly what I discovered I could do while playing around with the Cryptlex client. Now that you recommended the same solution, I’m pretty sure it will work.

So yes I am intending to store the count locally, and my application will be retrieving the license meta-data attribute to figure out the value which my user is allowed to have. When that is about to be exceeded, we will advise the user accordingly.

All good!