Matlab sample: missing dependent shared library



I am trying to run the sample at but I am running into an error when loading the LexActivator library (stripped out directories):

Error using loadlibrary
There was an error loading the library “LexActivator.dll”
Missing dependent shared libraries:
‘MSVCP100.dll’ required by ‘LexActivator.dll’
‘MSVCR100.dll’ required by ‘LexActivator.dll’

Error in Sample (line 11)
loadlibrary(sSharedLibrary,sHeaderFile, ‘addheader’,sStatusHeaderFile,…

Caused by:
Error using loaddefinedlibrary
Missing dependent shared libraries:
‘MSVCP100.dll’ required by ‘LexActivator.dll’
‘MSVCR100.dll’ required by ‘LexActivator.dll’

I’ve tried the ‘includepath’ option in loadlibrary to add where I think the correct MSVCP100.dll is, but still causing the same error.




The download package containing the dll has a readme file, which contains information on how to fix this issue.


Hi Adnan,

The readme file just has a link to a webpage, and I followed the link to c++:

Could you please point me to the place where it has instructions to fix this error?



The download package which you downloaded from the dashboard download page, GitHub contains the code sample only, not the dll.


I downloaded the LexActivator.dll from the dashboard. The readme file goes to the same link.


The folder containing the dll has the readme with the dependency information.


Thanks, I found the readme file. I downloaded (as appropriate for my windows install), but I am still getting the same initial error.


never mind, I didn’t realise I had to unzip the file. It’s working now, thanks!