Manual fingerprint invalidation

We have a customer that has a tendency to install, configure, and license our Cryptlex-licensed software on a staging machine, and then image the machine and restore the image on one or more production machines. This causes fingerprint invalidation errors (expected, not a concern, we can direct the customer to license machines individually).

Is there a way to force fingerprint invalidation, for testing purposes? In the dashboard? If this can be done through the Web API, is there any documentation that can help with this so we can send some resources in that direction? This is something we would like to validate as part of QA.

Follow-up question is there something we can change in a virtual machine (eg. VMWare) to trigger fingerprint mismatch? We understand you’re hesitant to reveal details about the fingerprint algorithm, but any information you can provide to help us trigger this in a staging environment would be much appreciated.


Change the mac address and for testing set the fingerprint strategy to exact and you will be able to easily replicate the issue.

When you get a fingerprint changed error, you should let the customer activate the license again, so trigger your license activation flow (e.g. showing license input dialog etc.).

If license allows more than one activation, it will consume another activation, if license allows one activation you will have to delete the existing activation (or your customer can delete it form the customer portal) first for reactivation to work.