Machine fingerprint and docking stations


Recently I have had a user report an issue with “Machine fingerprint has changed since activation”. The license model is “node locked” and I’m using “fuzzy” finger print matching. The license has been successfully activate on a laptop but they get this message when swapping between multiple docking stations in multiple locations.

Firstly, do you think a docking station could cause this problem ?

Secondly, how do I go about resolving it. Currently they have to unintsall, then re-install the application in order to trigger teh key activation process. Would it be possible to do this within the software and simply get the user to renter the original activation key ?


Hi Toby,

Ideally swapping between multiple docking stations should not cause the fingerprinting error, Please help us understand the issue more by sharing the license details on

Such an error should be handled as follows:

When the IsLicenseGenuine() function returns the LA_E_MACHINE_FINGERPRINT error, it is advisable to allow users to reactivate the license by displaying the activation dialog. However, if the allowed activation count for that particular license is set to 1, it becomes necessary to remove the activation from the dashboard. Failure to do so may result in users encountering the LA_E_ACTIVATION_LIMIT error. It is worth noting that customers who have access to the Cryptlex customer portal can independently delete the activation from the portal.