Linux activation not saved

For linux version of our app, license activation works but does not get saved locally.
So the next time the app is launched, it again prompts for the user to activate.

I’ve checked the “~/.local/share/data” directory, and there are no obvious files related to lexactivator.

Note. the app is installed via a snap package, if that makes any difference?


This behaviour is expected if the license type is hosted-floating as the activation gets automatically deleted once the lease is over, but if the license type is node-locked the activation will not get deleted untill the DeactivateLicense() is called.
Please can you confirm what license type are you using?


It’s a node-locked license.

Turns out this only happens when our app is built into a snap package and installed that way. So probably some permissions issue with the default location where lexactivator tries to store the license data.

I updated our app to use the SetDataDirectory() API, and point it to a known good location inside the user’s snap config directory, and now it works correctly.

Yes, this is the correct way of handling this inside snap packages.