Linker error using VS 2017


I’m using the VS 2017 64-bit LexActivator library, v3.7.0.

When building the release version my app, it fails during linking:

fatal error C1047: The object or library file ‘C:\code\repo\smartshooter4\3rdparty\cryptlex\winx64\lib\LexActivator.lib’ was created with an older compiler than other objects; rebuild old objects and libraries
LINK : fatal error LNK1257: code generation failed

This is the version of VS 2017 I’m using:

Microsoft ® C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 19.15.26732.1 for x64
Copyright © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

The debug build is succeeding, so I suspect its a problem just with LexActivator.lib and not LexActivatord.lib.

Also, on my other main build machine, also using VS 2017, both release and debug builds are ok.
So I suspect its a problem related to the VS 2017 hotpatch level on this one machine.

Maybe you can rebuild LexActivator against the latest VS 2017 toolchain?


Hi Francis,

We updated the libs in v3.7.1. Please use the latest version.