Limitation on days for trial extensions

For my trial, I currently have it set to 30 days expiry.

For one customer who had already started the trial, I wanted to extend this to 90 days.
But using the cryptlex admin portal, it would only let me extend it by max 30 days.

Can this be fixed?

Hi Francis,

Trial extension cannot be more than trial length set in the policy. In your case you need to extend the trial twice.

I have the same request. I’d like to be able to extend the trial period longer than what is defined in the policy, for specific potential customers. The GetTrialExpiryDate function still only returns the number of days, even if I extend the trial twice in the portal.

Has there been any thought into changing the way this works?

Or when I check in my program for the number of days remaining in the trial, should I use a different approach than using the GetTrialExpiryDate function?

What would be the max value which would suffice in your case?

I have resellers of my software that I’d like to extend the trial period up to one year (365 days), so they can do demos.

We have removed the restriction on trial extension. You can now extend it by any number of days.

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