License Key Failed: Failed to connect to the server due to network error

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We have a user that receives the following error when trying to enter license information:
License Key Failed: Failed to connect to the server due to network error.

I saw there was a diagnostic tool available in the other similar reports for this issue, is this something we could give to the customer to help diagnose the issue?

Only info we have so far is user mentioned they have opened port

Hi Michael,

We kindly request that you share the network tool with your customer to aid in resolving the issue. Once they have downloaded and used the tool, please ask them to share the associated logs for further analysis.

For your convenience, you can download the latest version of the network tool from the link below:

Thank you Ahmad, we will let you know as soon as we have logs to share.

From the logs, it is evident that the end user is using an NTLM proxy. It is worth noting that the application’s lexactivator version is currently 3.19.5, which does not support NTLM proxy as the support for the same was added in 3.20.5. Hence, the end-user is encountering a Requires Authentication error. To mitigate this issue, updating the lexactivator version to at least 3.20.5, which includes support for NTLM proxy, should effectively resolve the problem.

In most cases, the NTLM Authentication credentials coincide with the OS user credentials and in that case, updating the lexactivator version to a minimum of 3.20.5 will suffice since it will automatically authenticate the credentials using the OS user credentials. However, if the NTLM Authentication credentials are different from the OS user credentials, one must use the SetNetworkProxy() function, which requires the user to input the username and password. For additional information regarding the SetNetworkProxy() function, please refer to the provided link:

@Michael_Hirsch please delete the image, it contains some of your private data. Ideally, you should send this info on our support mail.

Thanks for the heads up about the image and the info. Will talk to the team about this.

Sorry for leaving things hanging, not sure if this can be marked as “fixed” or “resolved” but updating the cryptlex lexactivator to 3.20.5 did resolve the issue for the user, thank you for the help.

Thanks for us letting us know.