License for combo products

Hi all,

We have a question about the license options for combo products.
So right now we have two products that sell separately to clients, and we are thinking to add an additional option for clients that they can buy two products together as a combo product with a discount.

So the question is what’s the best way to generate one license key that works for different products? or is this even possible? If not, what are the suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Mingbo

This is a very common question and there are many ways you can deal with this, however, since the two software you are selling are also made to run independent of each other, the two software that you sell will have to be defined as separate Cryptlex Products for them to work correctly on their own.

Furthermore, since these two are to be defined as separate Products, they will have separate license keys, in which case, after the purchase of the combo, you must issue two separate license keys to your users, one for each Product.