License Expiration Calculation

This is what our workflow would look like: customer purchases a $0 free trial on our website for 30 days, after the 30 days, customer must go in and pay for a 1 year license. So, for example, if the customer purchases the free trial on Sept 1, then the trial license would end on Sep 30. If they purchase, or “renew” the license on Sept 30 of this year, they will have a valid license until Sept 30 of next year, when they would renew the license subscription.

How do I set that up? I have created a Trial License Policy for 30 days, and a Standard node-locked license policy for 365 days. I have created a Product applying both of these license policies.

I created a test user and then a license for the product. The only choice I had under License policy was Standard (and Pro, the other license policy I had set up) - the trial policy was not an option. The expiration date that appears under this test license calculates to 1 year, which is the license policy expiration term. How do I set up a trial license for this test user?

Hello @Mvcarlton!

It seems that there is confusion between trials and licenses. Trials are separate entities from licenses.

This is what I imagine your flow will be like:

  1. Customer activates Trial for 30 Days.
  2. After trial expiration, the user is prompted to buy a year-long License with your payment process.
  3. After purchasing through your payment integration, an Email Template (one you have previously set up with your Product) is triggered to send an automated email to your customer with their license key.
  4. The Customer then enters the License Key in the application to activate the license for 365 days.

Both Trials and Licenses in this case will be part of one product. The trial policy and license policy are simultaneously set up in the product. If you wish, we can schedule a demo for the process. Let us know at

Okay, so does that mean that the customer will basically receive two different license keys (one with the trial that expires at the end of the trial and one with the paid license)? How will the application know which to check for (trial vs license)?

And how would we set up a test trial license?

Trials don’t need any keys (licenses). Just create a trial policy and link it with the product. You can start the trial in your app just by calling ActivateTrial() function.

And view all the trial activations on the Products → Trial activations page.

Check this sample implementation:

Oh okay, thank you for that clarification!