LexFloatServer metadata size limit?

I want to test LexFloatServer as an on-prem alternative to the cloud license. I made an on-premise-floating license with all the same metadata and meter attributes as our existing (and working) cloud license. When I activate this license (LexFloatServer.exe -a) I get the “license activated successfully” message in the command prompt and the license on the cloud server shows my activation. However, when I try to run the local server (LexFloatServer.exe -s), I get error code 1 with a warning that no license is activated. The cloud server, meanwhile, still thinks that I do have an activation.

If I download the license metadata via Talend I get 86718 characters. Is this overflowing an internal buffer somewhere in the LexFloatServer code? If yes, can that buffer be made either bigger or dynamic so that we don’t have an artificial limit on license metadata size? I have tested a much smaller license (many fewer metadata items and meter attributes, but following the same format) and it works, so I don’t think there is anything else wrong except for the size of the failing license.

I should note that I downloaded LexFloatServer 4.9.1 and I’m testing on Windows. We’ll need it working on Windows and Linux.

Hi Gary,

We will check the size limit and increase the buffer size if needed. Will keep you posted.

Hi Gary,

We have fixed the issue. Please upgrade the LexFloatServer version to v4.9.2.

A quick test on Windows and Linux shows the new version to be working. Thank you!