LexFloatClient v2.9.6 returns LF_E_INET error when license has expired

Dear support,

I have noted that LexFloatClient returns LF_E_INET (0x02) error code when calling LexFloatClient.RequestLicense() and the license has been expired on the license server. This is unexpected behavior as the error code should indicate a network related problem, which is not the case. I would expect to get LF_FAIL (0x01) error code in this case.

Best regards,

Hi Alex,

You are right the error code LF_E_INET is not appropriate in this case. We will fix the behaviour and make it more consistent in the upcoming versions.

I have noticed this behaviour too and was actually going to ask the same thing.
Please notify me when this is fixed, please!

Hi Adnan, any news on the issue?


We are working on it. Fix will be released next week.


We have released LexFloatServer 2.9.7 containing the fix. You don’t need to update the client.

Thanks for the update!