LexFloatClient connection timeout value


Could you tell which timeout value LexFloatClient uses when trying to connect to the LexFloatServer? On Windows, when I stall the server by selecting some text in it’s cmd window, LexFloatClient’s RequestFloatingLicense takes about 30? seconds to return. Is that correct?

My app has a more generic internal failure timeout value as well. I do the RequestFloatingLicense call on a separate worker thread, and I’d like to ensure a failed RequestFloatingLicense call itself won’t trigger my much more dramatic “system unresponsive” timeout. My own timeout was set to 25 seconds, that’s how I found out.

I suppose this timeout value is not something that’ll change often over time, but a nice cherry on top would be an API call to retrieve it (if it’s as simple as a single timeout value for everything, that is).

I suppose LexActivator also has it’s own timeout values? But rest assured I’m not willing to DDOS your Cryptlex server to find that one out :slight_smile:

Hi Carl,

The timeout in both the libs is set to 30 secs which is unlikely to change in future.