LexActivator vs. ipv6 vs. VPN?



One of our potential users inside a big multinational tried to activate our software on Windows, and got a hang when doing so. He later tried from home, and got the same issue, though him (probably?) using a corporate laptop no doubt means he used VPN to connect to the corporate network again anyway, so that test doesn’t say much.

We’re using C++ with LexActivator 3.5.0 (static Visual Studio 2015 build) to activate the license. At that point our code has already called SetProductDat etc., and the “Use license” button makes some calls to SetLicenseKey, ActivateLicense, GetLicenseExpiryDate, GetLicenseType, GetLicenseKey, a couple of GetLicenseMetadata and GetServerSyncGracePeriodExpiryDate. Now him reporting a hang could very well be a network timeout of course; to what value is the timeout set in LexActivator?

When asked to try to ping the Cryptlex servers from a CMD window, he responded that that succeeded, but it did show that ping resolved the name to an ipv6 address.

I assume LexActivator is ipv6 ready, right? Or better: I assume that even though ipv6 was apparently set to a higher preference than ipv4 on his machine, applications only using ipv4 would still be able to connect, right? I assume a lot of applications would stop working otherwise?

Or it could be something entirely different as well (not Cryptlex related), but we’re grasping at straws here, and it is nice to get some confirmations on Cryptlex’s timeout settings, networking capabilities etc., even if only to rule it out.


Hi Thomas,

Please refer to the following:


Thanks for that!

Though we already made a build for him using Cryptlex 3.7.2 instead of 3.5.0, and now it seems to work. It might have been one of the ‘anonymous’ minor bug fixes mentioned in the Cryptlex change log, then again it might also be unrelated of course (maybe it was a temporary network issue? who knows).

It is still nice to know what network timeout threshold LexActivator uses, though. We call Cryptlex from a worker thread on which we impose our own timeout (12 seconds), and it would be nice to know if these timeouts are somewhat in sync.


Hi Carl,

The max timeout set in LexActivator is 30 secs.