LexActivator should sync metadata before deactivating

We have our applications activating a license when they start up and deactivating it when they terminate. While running they increment some meter attributes. We would like to gather analytics showing which particular meter attributes each activation used. I think the only way we can see this is to write the information to the activation’s metadata so that it appears in the deactivation log. I see we can make multiple calls to SetActivationMetadata, which is perfect. However, the written data only gets updated on the server at the next scheduled server sync, so if our application terminates before the next sync we lose the last piece of metadata we set.

Is it possible to make DeactivateLicense perform a metadata sync to the server before it actually does the deactivation? This would ensure that all metadata written to the activation is captured in the deactivation log.

Hi Gary,

When you increment or decrement any meter attribute it first does server sync. So you can use this to your advantage.


Thanks Adnan, that works a treat.

But now I do have a follow-up question. Is there any way to get the raw activation log data via the web API? If we’re writing special metadata, we’d like to write our own app to gather, process and report the data. It isn’t practical to manually look at every deactivation log in the standard dashboard.

Please refer to the following:

Ah, thank you. I managed to miss this when scrolling the API index.