LexActivator methods exported when including static lib


Hi all,

When linking in the Visual Studio 2015 static lib version of LexActivator.lib into our dll project, the resulting dll also exports the LexActivator functions.

I’ve already defined the symbol LEXACTIVATOR_STATIC at project scope, and the correct LEXACTIVATOR_API define is being chosen at compile time (just a bare extern "C"), but purely the fact of linking in the downloaded LexActivator.lib file itself seems to make our own dll also export the included LexActivator functions (like SetProductData etc.).

Could it be that the static lib build process for the LexActivator.lib decorates these functions in the lib itself with a __declspec(dllexport) anyway? Maybe the LEXACTIVATOR__STATIC on line 13 of LexActivator.h is a typo which results in the wrong define being set during the build of the LexActivator.lib?



Thanks for reporting. Will see into this.



The issue is fixed in the latest release now.