LexActivator.IsLicenseGenuine() returns general error code

Recently I have begun to experience an issue where IsLicenceGenuine() returns LA_FAIL every single time the application opens.

I actually began to experience this exact issue a couple of weeks ago, and updating to version 3.14.1 seemed to fix it - but only for about a week or so. Now it’s back, and happens every time I open the application.

Interestingly, if I go through the Activation process with the key, it seems to work immediately after that. However, if I exit the application and re-open it (when it checks IsLicenceGenuine()), I get the same general error everytime.

Is there anything that I might be doing wrong? I haven’t changed how any of the code for months, and then this issue suddenly pops up.


Which license type are you using?


Interestingly, I’ve just gone back and tried an old licence key which I created for a user a number of months ago (by activating using the old key and then re-opening my application), and I’m not encountering this issue - the IsLicenceGunuine method works just fine upon opening the application.

It only seems to be the newer licence that is only having this issue. Not sure why that would be the case?

On which OS are you facing the issue?

How many metadata and meter attributes have you linked with the license?

Operating system is Windows 10 Pro.

The licence that I’m having an issue with has a large number of meter attributes (about 30), whereas the licence that is working has a small number of meter attributes (3). In fact this is probably the largest difference between the two licences (everything else is the same except validity, server sync grace period, and metadata entries).

Upon reflection the large number of meter attributes might be beyond design purpose, but I didn’t see any specific limit in the documents. Let me know if you think dialing this down would help.

Just use the latest version of LexActivator v3.14.2 and you won’t face this issue.

This is only available for C/C++ as of now. The bindings for other languages will be updated in few days.

I’m using C# so I’ll keep a look out for the update. Thanks.

You can now install v3.14.4 to get the fix.