LexActivator increment Meter attribute does not throw exception when expected

Hi o/

Incrementing meter attributes that exist for the license works fine.
But when I try to increment a meter attribute that does not exist in the license, LexActivator.IncrementActivationMeterAttributeUses() does not throw a LexActivatorException.

Is it expected behaviour for LexActivatorNative.IncrementActivationMeterAttributeUses to return LA_OK when the Meter attribute does not exist for the license?

I wouldn’t like to add a call to get the meter attribute to check if it exists.

(Using Cryptlex.LexActivator 3.19.1 in dotnet)

Hi Jesse,

Any possibility that meter attribute existed before but you removed it later?

Hi Adnan,

I have just tested a random string to increment with, that I’m positive hasn’t existed as a meter attribute before on any license. It still does not throw a LexActivatorException, or any exception.

Thanks for responding :slight_smile:

What is the license type? Are you passing LA_IN_MEMORY in SetProductId() function?

Yes, the increment is simply ignored if the meter attribute doesn’t exist. I agree not so intuitive. We will see into to update this behaviour in future.