LexActivator DLL - missing libcurl_MD.lib in 3.21.4 windows zip?

I have successful use 3.21.4 shared library version on Linux

When I try to use it on Windows, I get the error

LNK1104 cannot open file ‘x64/libcurl_MD.lib’

Do I have to download the static version of LexActivator together with the DLL version to be able to use them or is it just missing in this release ?


Hi Nicholas,

From what I understand, it appears that you are linking a shared library for the Windows platform as well. The error message “LNK1104 cannot open file ‘x64/libcurl_MD.lib’” is likely due to the fact that you have uncommented the section in the sample code that pertains to statically linking the LexActivator library.

Please note that the section from line number 7 to 17 of the sample should only be uncommented if you intend to link the library statically.

Please let me know if the issue gets resolved.


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Thank you @ahmad-kemsan , that was indeed the problem. I have fixed it on my end.