LexActivator Crash on prorgram exit on iOS


I am working on integrating the latest LexActivator release for iOS, version 3.15.0.

The library works as expected, meaning I can perform all needed licensing actions. However, during program exit I get a crash in Botan::MemoryRegion::~MemoryRegion(). Note that this crash doesn’t have a stacktrace coming from my application, which suggests to me this is some sort of static initialized memory.

I am not making use of the Botan library myself, and the only reference to it I can see if from the LexActivator iOS framework.

Is there anything I need to do to properly shutdown the iOS library? I didn’t see any iOS specific steps in the online documentation.

I appreciate the iOS release of LexAcitvator, its very much welcome.

Thank you!


Are you facing the issue on simulator and device both or only the device?

Can you share the stacktrace?


Please try using the following version:


I’ve only noticed the issue on device, I haven’t tried the simulator version.

The stack trace is simply start, then the Botan symbol. Here’s a screenshot:

I’ll give your new library a shot.

I appreciate the quick response.

I also forgot to mention, this is with the static version of the library.

For static version refer to:


Looks like that fixed it. Thank you!