LexActivator and libcurl version


For my windows app, I’m using the static library version of LexActivator, and also the supplied libcurl_MD.a library.

Which version of curl are those libraries build against?

I also want to use the libcurl API directly in my app.
So I’d like to stop using the supplied libcurl_MD.a library, and instead use one I’ve built locally.
But when I try that, some LexActivator API calls fail with error 48 (INET error).
So I think there is a mismatch between the version of libcurl that LexActivator was built against, and the version I’ve built locally.


Hi Francis,

Libcurl version is 7.58.0 Make sure you pass ENABLE_WINSSL=yes at the time of building the libcurl.


Thanks I have this working on windows now, with my own compiled version of libcurl.lib.

For mac (and linux), I see you don’t supply a prebuilt libcurl library.
Is that because libLexActivator.a has curl linked statically and embedded somehow?
It seems that way, nm shows it contains the libcurl symbols.


Yes, it is embedded in case of Mac and Linux.