Lex Activator CheckForReleaseUpdate throwing exception in trial license

Iam getting LexActivatorException(Invalid License key) for CheckForReleaseUpdate during trial license. it is not happening in my development machine with trail license(i was activated normal license in this machine before).
Error points to https://github.com/cryptlex/lexactivator-python/blob/master/cryptlex/lexactivator/lexactivator.py#L707

Hi Rahul,

CheckForReleaseUpdate() function actually works for licensed users who have activated your software, not meant for trial users. But you can create a dummy license key, which should not be activated in the app but should be set before calling CheckForReleaseUpdate() function till your customer doesn’t use a proper license key to activate the software. This dummy key will serve the purpose in the trial mode.

You can even hard-code this key in your app.