LAKeyStatus of Revoked Licenses

When a license has been revoked, calling ActivateLicense throws an error (ELARevokedException) instead of returning an LAKeyStatus, and IsLicenseGenuine and IsLicenseActive will both return lkFail instead of lkRevoked.

Is this by design?

I can see in the Delphi LexActivator.pas unit that lkRevoked is not defined, but the comments for the ActivateLicense function does mention that it returns lkRevoked (amongst others).


Is the mention of the function returning lkRevoked in the ActivateLicense comments in LexActivator.pas just an oversight?


Hi @deonvn

Revoking a license will cause LexActivator’s IsLicenseGenuine() function to invalidate the local license activation data on the user machine and return LA_FAIL status code. Any further attempt to reactivate the license using ActivateLicense() will return LA_E_REVOKED.

Please refer to our documentation for guidance on the process of revoking licenses here.

I can see in the Delphi LexActivator.pas unit that lkRevoked is not defined.

That is taken care of internally in our LexActivator C library.

Thank you. That is the way I understood it.

Perhaps you should then just update the comments in the LexActivator.pas file that you ship with your Delphi sample application (see above) so that is doesn’t state that one of the status codes returned by ActivateLicense() is lkRevoked, as that is not correct and causes confusion.