IsLicenseGenuine Question


We have implemented CryptLex in a service to avoid having to activate the same product for each user and it’s working nicely for our needs. Anyhow, we have one question that you may be able to shed some light on…

Whenever we activate a program (in the system space) we noticed that IsLicenseGenuine() doesn’t recognize this right away, we are currently restarting it so we can see the license status updated accurately. Otherwise, it continues to say that the product isn’t activated. Is this due to the random scheduled (in separate thread) check for license validity? We would like to have the validity state reflected in real-time (immediately) after a user enters their license key. Does this involve the async SetLicenseCallback() or something? We could “wait” but really would rather not as a real-time update would be much more helpful here in this situation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA


LexActivator maintains an in-memory local cache which is used for reads. If license is activated by your service after IsLicenseGenuine is called even once from your app then it won’t pickup up the activation data unless app is restarted.

Thanks for confirming, that’s why we are currently restarting the service after a new activation from the product.