IsLicenseGenuine()/IsLicenseValid() fails in windows server


Hi Team,

We are using Lexactivator DLL (C++ - vc14/x64) in our windows application for node-locked licenses. The licensing works fine in desktop machines.

In the server machine (windows server 2012 r2) we were able to activate and get the license/activation information from the Desktop application.

But in the same server machine, if my application is launched by other applications as service, IsLicenseGenuine()/IsLicenseValid() function returns 1 (LA_FAIL) and unable to get license/activation metadata information. So the licensing gets failed, we are unable to proceed further.


  • Tried setting LA_SYSTEM / LA_USER, and our application having administrator privileges.
  • Tried setting “Fingerprint matching strategy” as Fuzzy and Loose.
  • We are using “Node Locked” license type.

Please let us know how to get past this issue.



Can you provide us a sample app where we can replicate the issue?



Hi @adnan-kamili,

We have some issues and doubts regarding the integration of the Lexactivator library into our application. Can we have a web conference meeting to discuss the issues? Please let us know your available time.



Please send an email to [email protected] to schedule the meeting.