IsLicenceGenuine() returns LA_OK after SetLicenseKey()


I check for a valid license key by using SetLicenseKey before going to an online activation/deactivation form.
Upon returning to the original form, I check the satus of the license which includes IsLicenseGenuine().
It returns LA_OK even when the license has not been activated.
Curiously if I restart the application, it correctly returns that the license has not been activated.
Is SetLicenseKey provisionally indicating an activated license? Or am I missing something?



SetLicenseKey() only sets the license key, the only check it does is on the key length. If IsLicenseGenuine() returns LA_OK then the license must be active by then. By the time you restarted, server sync would have invalidated the license activation (if it was deleted/revoked server-side).


The issue has been fixed in the release v3.7.2