Is there a single call to create a user and then a license for them

I’ve looked all over and I didn’t find the call or code for it. I’m trying to integrate with FastSpring for the payment processor and I need to do a webhook from them to you to get the license but I also wanted to create a user so they can user the customer service portal to deactivate or request a deactivation a license themselves


The PHP and Node.js examples on Github do contain the code, wherein it creates a user too.

If you are using FastSpring Webhook you can also integrate it with Cryptlex using Zapier, which will also create user automatically when license is created.

Alright, I’ve got the zapier account setup, the PAT, and it pulled in an existing license to see the data.

Question, the validity # depends on a field called SKU coming from FastSpring. Can your Zapier App do conditional logic so I could have a different value for the 4 different SKUs?

The SKU field should have the correct value of validity, you can’t write any conditional logic in Zapier. Ideally SKU should have different values depending on the payment made by your customer.

In FastSprint the field which corresponds to validity in Cryptlex seems to be:


For unit the property is: