Is it safe to call IsLicenseGenuine multiple times?

The IsLicenseGenuine documentation says:

After verifying locally, it schedules a server check in a separate thread. After the first server sync it periodically does further syncs at a frequency set for the license.

This function must be called on every start of your program to verify the activation of your app.

Apart from listening to the callback provided in the SetLicenseCallback function I also want to periodically force license check using the IsLicenseGenuine function call.

If I call IsLicenseGenuine let’s say every 1-5 minutes randomly,

  1. will the SDK perform the server sync as soon as possible?
  2. will the SDK launch yet another “separate thread” on every call or will it be smart enough to detect that there is one already running?


Hi Anton,

Whenever the IsLicenseGenuine() function is invoked the first server sync always occurs within ~ 3 secs and then the consecutive syncs at the set server sync interval.

Calling the IsLicenseGenuine() function multiple times won’t create separate threads, the server sync thread is created only on the first call.