Is it possible to get an activation ID by LexActivator

Hi, I am trying to integrate LexActivator C++ with my library.
My library will be sold to clients who are going to develop an application and deploy it on various kinds of devices, ex. Android and Linux.
Let’s say that I am using node-locked licenses and create one license key for one client. The license key allows up to 100 activations since the client have 100 devices.
I understand that Web APIs provides info about activation ID and I can use it to deactivate a key.
Then, I’d like to retrieve the activation ID from my library with LexActivator but it seems there is no such API available in the latest version. I found that only GetTrialId() is available.

How can I get an activation ID from the end device side? I would to like deactivate a key on a specific device via Web APIs. I don’t want to expose deactivation API (DeactivateKey()) in my library.
What if a hostname is not unique in among those 100 devices so that we cannot rely on a hostname as a activation identifier? or Do you have any suggestion about the key deactivation for the specific device?

Hi Pawis,

You can create an activation metadata by calling SetActivationMetadata() having an identifier which you can later search in the dashboard to delete an activation as this metadata appears with the activation details of the license in the dashboard: